Major Alternative therapies from Acupuncture to Yoga

Though alternative therapies are not proved to be helpful by science, experience and excellent results today are making people believe that alternative therapies work. Also, the number of alternative therapies available for people today, is a cause of worry for those who believe in "Science"! brings your some important information on various types of therapies. Each type of therapy is broadly discussed with the basic principles, effects and remedies.

Alternative therapy classification


A practice where human body is pierced by fine needles at specific anatomic points for therapeutic purposes. Read More

Applied Kinesiology

A practice which is based on chiropractics, that involves manual manipulation of muscles and spine. Read More


A practice in which, volatile liquid plant materials or oils and other aromatic compounds are used to affect a person's mood thereby affecting his health.


A practice of India, which treats a patient with a holistic approach towards his physical and mental health.


A technique that makes a person to have a voluntary control over general body functions and thereby treating them, as and how required.


A practice which considers that lack of normal nerve function is one of the main reasons of a disease, and hence heals them by making adjustments of spine.

Craniosacral Therapy

A technique of therapy which manipulates skull bones and sacrum to reduce pain at any point on the body.

Energy Healing

Energy healing can be understood as a technique that involves making the energy of a particular painful part of a body synchronous to the actual healthy part of the body.

Feng Shui

A Chinese system that concentrates on interiors of a home to create balance, and harmony in people homes and thus in their lives.

Herbal Medicine

This practice is another method of medicine that uses herbs, and plants to cure diseases.

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine encompasses all the medicine systems, because each medicine is useful in one way and yet doesn't help to completely cure a problem.


A practice recognized by science, homeopathy is a system that believes 'like cures like'.


Hot baths, saunas, wraps, etc are all used in this therapy that makes use of water as the main element of treating a person's disorder


Massage therapy is based on the premise that when your body is affected with a disease, the bones, and nerves start aching, and relieving these pains, through massage cures the disease.


This therapy is again another holistic system that administers the kind of food you take to the kind of environment you live without actually giving any medicine or making a surgery.


Reiki is a combination of many other alternative medicines, and yet uses them in a unique way. Read More


Yoga is a combination of exercises and postures, used to relieve all the afflictions of a human body. Yoga and meditation are closely related to each other.