Magnet healing, magnetic therapy, types of healing magnets

How the Magnet heals:

Every individual has a magnetic field due to ionic reactions within the body. Apart from this the earth has its own magnetic poles and magnetic fields. The electrical equipment that we use daily also adds to this magnetic field. Magnetic therapy works on the principle that the body's magnetic field is aligned in particular ways with the help of medical magnets help cure ailments like headaches, joint pain, asthma, chronic depression, chronic cold etc. If the magnet used is strong enough to have a lasting effect on tissues and bones and therefore help in curing ailments.

Magnetic therapy falls in the category of naturopathy and therefore has non invasive methods of curing people. This implies that it is not a prescription drug and therefore many common ailments can be alleviated by using health magnets. This is one of the major reasons why it is gaining popularity among people and has a considerably smaller population of skeptics now. Some medical specialists, who have received testimonials of people being helped by magnets, are including professional athletes, movie stars, politicians, and CEO's of various corporations.

Magnet therapy modulates the calcium flow in the body, therefore ensuring the general care of various physiological processes. It also increases blood flow thereby aiding in greater incorporation of oxygen and nutrients in the system. Magnetic therapy also modifies the hormone secretion in the blood which is one of the most important functions, since hormones control most of the biological processes of the body.

Types of healing magnets available:

Magnets are available in a wide-range of strength and shape, even kind. Therapeutic magnets are often cased in ceramic or embedded in an elastic patch or flexible strip. They are incorporated in wrist and back supports, seat and mattress pads, jewelry, and clothing-related items, such as shoe inserts and belts. Strength of magnetic fields weaken with distance and therefore the closer one keeps it to one's body the better. However like most other things, the body adapts to this created magnetic field over time. People are therefore advised to change the magnet they use time to time.