Reiki and Hypnosis therapy

Reiki and Hypnosis:

Many fitness and counseling centers use both Reiki and hypnosis as a means of helping their customers overcome their troubles in life. The good news for all those of you, who are interested in Reiki and Hypnosis as a means of overcoming stress and as a means of medication, is that you could practice it yourself. Once you become a pro at this you could practice it anywhere. So the next time you are visited by a panic attack or intense pain or disappointment you will not need to turn to caffeine, drugs, alcohol or nicotine. Instead a session with hypnosis and Reiki will do the trick of not only helping you get over the bout but also strengthen your will power to continue trying and not give up.

In fact in the United States many women have been able to help themselves get over post menstrual tension by practicing Reiki. Quite a few marriage counselors advice Reiki in cases of marital discord. With no side effects to worry about, Reiki and hypnosis are ideal anti depressants.

Reiki Energy healing, Reiki therapy

Reiki is a traditional Japanese method of hypnotherapy which though lacks a scientific basis has proved to be effective for over 2500 years now. In Japanese it means "universal life force energy". The name is apt since the underlying philosophy is to tap one's own energy and thereby heal, manage stress and also strengthen the body's immune system. It is due to its staggering success that the number of Reiki practitioners is increasing daily. Professional chiropractors and massage therapists use Reiki to enhance their methods of inducing relaxation and fitness. Reiki, it has been observed has also aided personality growth and development by its holistic approach.

Reiki has four stages based on expertise.

Learn Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an induced psychological condition in which people reach a subconscious state of being. Hypnosis aims at inducing an 'altered state of consciousness' experience in individuals. This however is not true for everyone; in fact, there are apparently some hypnotic indicators and subjective changes which can be achieved without relaxation or a lengthy induction, a fact which serves to increase the controversy around hypnosis. Hypnosis shares the same working principle in which the energy in the body is concentrated upon and optimized and thereby alleviating pain, stress, bad childhood memories, anxiety, severe cases of alcoholism and other such cases.