What causes Ulcers in the mouth?

Mouth Ulcers also go by the name of Canker sores or aphthous stomata. Mouth ulcers can occur in any age group but is mainly prevalent in the younger generation. It is an outbreak in the mouth that is about 3-5 mm in diameter. It is not infectious, but at the same time is very painful and irritating while eating or drinking. This could last for at least a 10-day period. Various reasons are attributable for the cause of such ulcers in the mouth.

Going by the surveys done on the causes, the major causes of mouth ulcers could be ranked in the following order:

On the whole, it can be said that these are just a few of the reasons that cause mouth ulcers. While a specific mouth ulcer cannot be pinpointed with a certain cause, a wholesome diet and a stress-free life can just be as effective in the prevention of these.