Rest and Relaxation - How to sleep well?

Primary among the list of recreational activities to de-stress you today would be rest and relaxation. In other words, it implies you 'take a break'. Think of your body as a machine working away without a stop. There is only so much it would serve you, right? That's exactly how it stands with your system as well. Be it psychology or physiology, the common instruction is, not to over work yourself. In physics, according to Young's principle, there is a saturation point after which elasticity of any entity wears out and results in a rupture. The body too if not rejuvenated by rest and relaxation would result in a systemic failure which is popularly known as burning out. Rest and relaxation are not achieved very easily. In fact you need to train your mind and body to be able to leave your worries behind, in a healthy and safe way.

What does one need to do?


A minimum of eight hours of sleep everyday is an absolute must. It is not uncool to sleep all those hours. Preserve your weekends for more rest. Experiments prove that one's productivity gets drastically reduced if the daily requirement of sleep isn't met which leads to further stress. Always remember: stress results in greater stress. Lack of sleep will trap you in a vicious circle where you with your reduced productivity you will require greater time to meet deadlines and subsequent sleepless nights.

Healthy social life:

Meeting up with friends on a regular basis also helps one relax. It is essential to plan out regular outings with friends and family. Never feel guilty about that movie you watched over the weekend. Try and develop a healthy reading habit, even if you are reading books related to work. Cultivate the habit of always carrying your favorite book. This way you would always have something to distract you from a stressful situation.

Music therapy and aromatherapy:

There are various kinds of relaxation music available online and in the stores. These range from house, lounge, Eastern classical and western classical. Listen to them at every chance you get. You could even play it at night while going to sleep. Aromatherapy products have flooded the market now. Lighting incense while working or sleeping or during Yoga or meditation practice will help ease your mind. You could even go for the aromatherapy bathing products, many counselors advice it.

Don't bring your work home. Always remember that work for the sake of work is fruitless. It is your well-being that you have to work towards and therefore rest and relaxation should acquire as much importance in your life as your work schedule. Concentrate on resting everyday and rest assured you will be leading a more productive and healthy lifestyle.