Physical Fitness, Activity and Exercise

In today's day and age most people live life on the fast lane. Most of us are aspiring to be upwardly mobile and end up with lifestyles severely detrimental to our health. Mere survival in today's world results in health problems imperceptibly creeping in on us without our awareness or permission! Imagine a standard day: Going to work, sitting in front of the computer all day long, receiving calls on your cell phone frequently and that long walk/drive back home when your system is continually being damaged by the pollution. You come back home tired and decide to heat up the food in your fridge.either its already deficient in the nutrition content or the preservatives invariable have some side effect you are totally innocent of. But we need to continue our existence and strike out. The secret therefore of countering this and confidently sing "I will survive." is physical fitness, activity and exercise.

What can you do to induce physical fitness, activity and exercise in your life?

The first step towards a physically fit and active life is to assess honestly the kind of lifestyle you are leading. Does our work require you to be sedentary most of the time? Or does it require you to move around very frequently? How long do you spend on the computer a day? How much time do you spend with friends? What kind of diet do you follow? Depending upon this you should chart out your physical fitness, activity and exercise regimen. Due to the varied possibilities if one's choice of lifestyle it is virtually impossible to work out a regimen that will exactly suit individual needs. What we can do however is providing a list of general activities that would ensure your well-being.

Must dos to maintain fitness and healthy life:

How does Regular exercise benefit to your life?

Regular exercise cleans out your system and de-rusts all those joints which start rusting because of your sedentary lifestyle. Physical fitness is extremely important since it avoids and even arrests cardio vascular diseases, high sugar, high blood pressure and obesity.