How to fade stretch marks naturally

Stretch marks, one of the most embarassing topics for a women, is a constant reminder of the lost youth. It is believed that about 80-90% of women do develop stretch marks 'Badges of Honor' during pregnancy, usually during the sixth or seventh month. Sudden fluctuations in your weight would also lead to the formation of stretch marks. Lesser known causes of this is due to hormonal imbalance and/or the use of steroids. Whatever may be the reason, it is a fact that stretch marks are ugly and gross. And we all question whether these would really fade away. Well, the answer is yes. Let me now show you ways and methods to fade stretch marks using natural methods.

Prevention Techniques

Massaging on the stomach with vitamin E oil during pregnancy will preserve the elasticity of the skin and prevent stretch mark formation. Since Vitamin E oil does not harm the unborn baby, it is very safe to be used at all times, and lend a hand towards glowing skin.

Extra virgin oil is not only a good nourisher but also softens the skin. Start applying this onto your skin two to three times a day in the first trimester to prevent stretch marks.

All said and done, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Just stay happy and the rest will follow.