Capsicum Health Benefits

The water found in tender coconuts is naturally sterile and is a rich source of electrolytes for the growing fetus and the health of the would-be mother. Coconut water is a natural source of potassium, chloride, magnesium, sodium, sugar, and protein. The water of one coconut can fill up all the essential nutrient needs of fiber, vitamin C, and calcium, which are especially beneficial in pregnancy. Coconut water helps in the elimination of toxic matter from the body by increasing the urine flow and thereby prevents UTI (urinary tract infections). Starting your day with a tender coconut loads up your systems with all the necessary nutrients, and also in rehydration by supplementing the salt intake.

Why to take Coconut Water during Pregnancy?

One of the most important things to know about coconut water is that it helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate. A cup of coconut water equals 46 calories. Pregnant women are advised to mix saffron or turmeric with coconut water to reap all the benefits.